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Why we started Seaside Nannies

Living in a growing and buzzing town with many young families, we noticed quickly that the demand for trustworthy and reliable Nannies and Babysitters was bigger than the offer. The wish to make these services more available for everyone was the start of Seaside Nannies.

Feli von Peter


Born and raised in Germany, Feli now calls Raglan her home. She established her passion to work with children early in her life. Families entrusted Feli to stay with, watch over, and teach their children, which is indicative of her level of trustworthiness. When Feli found her way to New Zealand after a couple of years of travel, she was privileged enough to get offered a position at a local day care centre in Raglan, where her and Daisy met.

Feli teaches yoga and cooperates the teachings of her practice with working with children wherever she can. She is calm natured and respectful and sees every child as an individual with unique skills and needs.

Daisy Brinks


After studying and working as a nurse in the Netherlands, Daisy moved to Raglan in 2017. When she started at a local day care centre as a chef she realised how much she loves working with children. It did not take Daisy long to switch her position to be a Teacher Aide. After working with children age 0-5 at the centre she decided she was ready for a new adventure and Seaside Nannies was born.
Daisy loves taking care of children in their own homes. It feels like a warm and gentle way.
It is important to Daisy to create a warm environment where children feel safe, comfortable and supported.

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